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Center for Biomedical Research and Translational Surgery

Bruno K. Podesser, MD, MBA | Head of Center | Full Professor for Laboratory Animal Research | Associate Professor for Cardiac Surgery

The Center for Biomedical Research and Translational Surgery

...has 3 individual divisions. The Department for Drug and Device Testing is responsible for preclinical testing of new drugs and devices. The Department of Training and Simulation is dedicated to educate surgeons and interventionalists in our different operation theaters including our new hybrid OR. At the Cardiovascular Institute we have concentrated our research program.

We are your partner, if you want to perform your commercial or scientific projects in our operation theaters or the adjacent animal facilities.

Departments & Institutes

Drug and Device Testing We want to serve our clients with highest standards, innovative techniques and state-of-the-art equipment. More about the department
Training and Simulation During the last 25 years we have collected abundant knowledge how to organize and perform trainings and educational sessions for national and international audience. More about the department
Cardiovascular Institute The institute focuses on the consequences of pressure and volume stress on the heart and circulation. Other focal points are the development of small-lumen artificial grafts and research into the immunological consequences of arteriosclerosis. In addition, there is a long-standing focus on the field of rheology. A new 3D bio-printing research group will also be established. More about the institute

Core facility laboratory animal breeding and husbandry

The Core Facility offers state-of-the-art conditions for your mouse breeding and husbandry in 4 animal houses. Methods such as sperm freezing and rederivation combined with careful planning are carried out.

Head of the Core Facility  (interim.)
Mag. Dr. Wilfried Ellmeier, Professor of Immunobiology

Tel.: +43 (0)1 40160-33293
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23. May 2024

Ope Lab Day

It is our pleasure, to invite you all to the kick-off of this series on the 6th June 2024 at 3.00 pm.
14. May 2024

Podcast: Milestones in Cardiac Surgery

The podcast "Milestones in Cardiac Surgery" looks back at the most important events in the history of cardiac surgery: the first transplantation of a…
08. May 2024

Open Source 3D Bioprinting Workshop - Winter 2024 - Vienna

In this 3-day course, we will show you how to assemble your own 3D bioprinter using open-source technology. This will not only allow you to develop a…
23. April 2024

Save the Date - ISACB Meeting 2024

We are glad to announce the upcoming ISACB Meeting 2024 from October 5-8, Vienna Austria!   Abstract submission is now open!
06. June 2024 14:30 PM-18:00 PM
Open Lab Day
05. October 2024
- 08. October 2024
ISACB Meeting 2024
02. December 2024
- 04. December 2024
Open Source 3D Bioprinting Workshop - Winter 2024 - Vienna


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