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Research Group Schneider & Enayati

3D bio-printing methods

Scientific PI's of this group are Dr. Karl H Schneider and Dr. Marjan Enayati. Our research focus is on cardiovascular research, but we also address many other research areas in tissue engineering and regenerative medicine with our collaborative partners. Here we offer our partners support in the technical development and implementation of 3D bio-printing methods.

Printing materials of biological origin

Dr. Schneider has been working on the development of new printing materials of biological origin for several years. One example is the production of a hydrogel from the extracellular matrix (ECM) of the human placenta. ECM hydrogel means that all cellular components of the original tissue have been washed out and only the proteins of the surrounding matrix are used to form a hydrogel. These ECM hydrogels have high biocompatibility and bioactivity due to their natural composition. They have great potential in tissue engineering and can be used in many ways. For example, as a surface coating to improve the adhesion of cells, or as a so-called bioink for direct 3D cell printing.

3D bio printing

Among other tasks, Dr. Enayati is leading 3D printing projects for the production of artificial mitral-rings as well as function-supporting meshes for the treatment of damaged heart tissue using biodegradable polymers. Immunological testing of 3D printed objects using cell culture systems is another expertise of our laboratory.