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Research Group Hohensinner


We are interested in the interaction of innate immune cells and especially macrophages within the atherosclerotic plaque. Our preliminary focus is to understand the function of macrophages given the different polarization signal within a lesion. Besides macrophages, we also study endothelial cells and are investigating strategies to improve endothelial cell stability and function.

Lung biology

The lung is an organ where endothelial cells and innate immune cells work closely together. We are interested in these interactions especially during virus infection and are investigating strategies to boost the local immune system. In addition, the lung works closely together with the heart and pressure changes have detrimental effects on both organs.

Venous thrombosis

Innate immune cells play a role in thrombus formation and resolution. We are studying the interaction of monocytes and macrophages within the thrombus and with surrounding endothelial cells to understand mechanisms of immunothrombosis.

Drug screening – Virus infection

We have developed several in vivo mouse models to screen for new antiviral drugs. For our analysis we are using clinical and molecular biology parameters to understand possible drug intervention targets.

Philipp Hohensinner